Breaking Tradition For The Better

We grow the finest grapes with the lowest impact to make English wine you won't believe.


We start out with a single mission:

To create the best possible English wine with the lowest impact. Co-Founders, Henry & Alex, find that cans are more environmentally friendly than bottles and keep young wines fresher for longer.

They quit their jobs, retrain in oenology and work with Head of Wine, Phil, to make something everyone tells them not to. 18 months later our Bubbly White, Gerald, launches and sells out in just a few months.



Our Bubbly Rosé, Eleanor, takes flight

Seeing the potential for English rosé, we create the first English rosé in can, made with beautiful Pinot Noir. This rosé is one of strawberries and dreams, bursting with summer fruits.

Eleanor joins the ranks alongside Gerald refreshing the wine aisles of Waitrose and M&S across the nation. These are certainly not another glass of the usual.



The spritzers make their delightfully light debut

Sometimes, just sometimes, it’s not the right time for wine. Something lighter suitable for 'beer moments' perhaps? We create our supremely refreshing English spritzers.

Made with the highest quality botanicals that play on the notes of our wines, they are some sophisticated trouble.



We were the first, we're still the finest

You can now find our little works of art adorning the shelves of Fortnums, the Upper Class cabins of international airlines, and the wine list of a Michelin starred chef’s restaurant. But we are not resting on our rosettes.

With all new wines in the works, a move towards Net Zero and unbelievable partnerships imminent, there is so much to come. All the way from just down the road.


Kent, England

Our Vineyard

Unfurling down a south-facing slope of the Kent Downs, on an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, is our vineyard. Our land sits on the same chalk band as Champagne and now shares a similar climate. Here we grow some of the world’s best grapes.

Our Grapes

Pinot Noir
For many, this is the key Champagne varietal. Unbelievably tricky to grow, bursting with red fruits and perfect for sparkling, rosé and red wines.
Pinot Meunier
The unsung Champagne varietal. Its under-the-radar profile belies its critical role in adding depth and complexity to the most celebrated bubblies.
The backbone of some of the world’s best white wines and the third in the trinity of Champagne varietals, bringing body and class to our wines.
England’s answer to Sauvignon Blanc, suitably named after the Greek god of wine and pleasure. An exquisitely aromatic grape that flourishes in our cool climate.

Our Soil

Biodiversity is crucial to our vineyard

Wildflowers are sewn between the rows and beehives are set off to the side to improve biodiversity and promote soil health.

The vineyard itself unfolds towards a rolling wildflower meadow, so the fields thrum with activity.


Unbelievably Good

In the past, many couldn’t believe English wine would ever be good enough. Some still don’t believe great wine should come in cans. Sometimes, tasting is believing.


Carefully crafted to overflow with local character

Quality and locality are key to our winemaking. We make everything dry and fresh to allow the delicacy of the fruit to shine and have finely tuned our winemaking to nurture local notes like green apples, elderflower, and strawberries. All this creates wines that are unmistakably 'of England'.

Low Impact

Our Sustainability

We are aware that our future successes will be due, in part, to climate change that has already occurred, and that will continue to do so. This is why sustainability has been cultivated at our core.


We Tread Lightly
Not only is our canning process carbon positive, but our cans themselves have a carbon footprint 86% lower than glass bottles and we are moving towards Net Zero.
We Act Locally
Where we tread, we act. Since 2022 we have partnered with Kent Wildlife Trust to support their pioneering rewilding projects around our vineyard.
We Think Globally
As the first Certified B Corp™ winemaker in the UK, we have joined a global community using business as a force for good.

Try our mixed packs

If you're looking to discover more of what England has to offer, it might be time to mix things up.

Taster Pack - 4 Cans

Taster Pack - 4 Cans

All the locals, all at once

Mixed Bubbly Wines - 8 Cans

Mixed Bubbly Wines - 8 Cans

White & Rosé

Mixed Spritzers - 8 Cans

Mixed Spritzers - 8 Cans

White & Rosé