The Most Unbelievably English Vineyard Visit

“I didn’t realise you grow your own grapes” is something we often here. Yet, unbelievably for some, we do. Sometimes things have to been seen to be believed.

So, for the very first time we opened our vineyard up to visitors! Were plans best laid? Did things go to them? No.

The clouds were bruised. The rain drove. The wind behaved like a toddler. 

Yet, it was unbelievably good.

A gaggle of wine-lovers joined us in our vines’ home on the northern edge of the Kent Downs.

We welcomed them with a poem (read that here) that went down a storm. Not unlike the actual weather, come to think of it. 

Following which we grabbed a spritz and struck out into 15ha of the finest Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Bacchus grapes the world has to offer.

Phil, our Head of Wine, guided the tour through the vines, introducing guests to our grapes just a week before harvest. They snaffled some down with glee. 

Tom, the Lead Bison and Conservation Grazing Ranger from Kent Wildlife Trust, gave an update on the Wilder Blean Bison Project, pioneering work in a woodland within eyeshot of the vineyard.

We then bravely retreated to the shelter of the barn for an incredible candlelit dinner set by our friends GRAPE & Fig. 

We hope to have the chance to invite more of you soon. In the meantime, maybe consider a restock of a few favourites and recreate your own candlelit dinner. Just make sure you have an indoor backup plan.