Ode to the Vines

Sometimes simply saying "Welcome" doesn't cut it. So, when we welcomed visitors to our vineyard for the first time (see more on that here), we did so in verse. Verse, mind you, that had to be hastily rewritten 6 times due to rapidly changing weather conditions. How unsurprisingly English.

We hope to welcome a few more of you very soon!

Our Unbelievably English Vineyard
Straight off the bat
We’ll mention that
Should’a guessed this was in store
English weather
Nothing better
But it was NOT supposed to pour
Deep in Kent
Where raindrops dent
Our English wine’s birthplace
The sun’s been banned
Thank god we planned
A rainy poem just in case
“A vineyard here??”
A few friends jeered
“Is this some silly joke?”
But we persevered
Nay, pioneered
We’re not such foolish folk
Though comments spill
From rumour mills
That cans are all inferior
It’s just not true
And ask that you
Don’t judge on our exterior
It’s humbly lovely 
English bubbly
Local from the get go
So don’t look far
To raise your bar
Put down that damn Prosecco
Some might say
That stuff’s passé
Though maybe that’s not fair
But our land’s now
The best around
Taittinger bought a plot just there
Tonight we’ll wander
Over yonder
Through world class English grapes
Taste Gerald, Ellie,
Alfie, Peggy,
And dine on fresh canapes 
Here we stand
With glass in hand
6 years now! Who’d a thunk it?
We planted vines
And made some wines
And, good lord, the people drunk it!
Before the eve’s begun
A toast as one
All gathered as a crowd
No weather whining
Just silver linings
“Here’s to England and its clouds”