HELP! Make Christmas less common

HO-HO-OH NO!! There's been an unbelievably unpalatable mix-up. 
Several bottles of 'The Common' (an overly-sweet and achingly predictable Sparkling Wine of It*ly) have been inadvertently packed in cases prepped for online Christmas orders.
If you receive one of these terribly traditional bottles, please reach out immediately to and help remove them from circulation.
By way of an apology you can claim a years worth of The Uncommon!
In contrast to our sleek, sustainable, conversation-starting cans, ‘The Common’ is easily identified by its off-the-rack glass bottle.
Reports suggest it contains an ubiquitous style of wine, with aromas of drab office parties and a palate that disappears faster than a snowflake on a hot plate.

Here at The Uncommon, we understand that when looking beyond 'the usual’ for Christmas drinks and gifts, it would be a travesty to land on ‘The Common'.

Thank heavens for Gerald & Eleanor (a phrase fast becoming all-too-common amidst this debacle), our flagship English Bubbly White and Rosé! They are dry, aromatic, refreshingly local and thoroughly unexpected.

Far more appropriate for festive fandangos. 

Henry Connell, Co-Founder of The Uncommon, issued the following statement:
“We were devastated to learn of this release of ‘The Common’ so close to Christmas. The uninspiring has become far too acceptable at a moment supposedly synonymous with surprise and delight. We want to assure our customers that this incident is being taken extremely seriously. We are taking immediate action and will not be resting on our laurels. Or should that be wreaths?"
Here's to toasts worthy of the season. We wish you all a Christmas less common.
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