Unbelievably Upper Class bubbly

When we were first told our humble little cans would be flying as part of an exclusive tasting experience in Upper Class on Virgin Atlantic’s newest A350 aircraft we were completely giddy.
Now, our cans are being rolled out to the entire A350 fleet as well as Virgin Atlantic’s newest, cleanest and greenest plane yet; the A330neo. 
Unveiled this summer, this aircraft reduces carbon emissions by 11% per customer.
The Uncommon cans reduce carbon footprint by 75% vs a glass bottle.
We’re liking this direction of travel….
Customers flying in all cabins will now have the opportunity to try our wines, within the Upper Class social space on the A350 and A330neo or through the buy onboard range in Premium and Economy.

Virgin Atlantic went so far as to say, “We continually strive to create brilliantly different experiences for our customers and the introduction of The Uncommon’s award-winning English wines demonstrates this perfectly.”

We’re on cloud nine.

See you in the skies.