Kent Wildlife Trust Partnership: Wild Next Steps


We are unbelievably excited to announce the next step for our partnership with Kent Wildlife Trust following the success of the Wilder Blean Bison Project.

The bison hit national news once more last week as one gave birth to a calf - the first in the UK for thousands of years. Completely unexpectedly! It turns out bison conceal their pregnancies. Who knew?

At The Uncommon, we exist to make unbelievably good wine for people and planet. We tread lightly and where we do tread, we act. 

With Kent Wildlife Trust, our mission is to work with communities, landowners, and partners to create a wilder environment, in and around our vineyards, to support nature’s recovery. 


We have committed 2% of our revenue to support Kent Wildlife Trust’s mission to wild 30% of the county by 2030.


We will also support the reintroduction of 2 more missing species over the next 5 years.


    The world is catching up to the reality that our actions today must be sustainable. The interdependent threats of biodiversity loss and climate change are amongst the biggest challenges. So, it is vital that we explore innovative solutions.

    Kent Wildlife Trust are pioneers in this space.

    Their recent reintroduction of European Bison to Blean has garnered national, and international, recognition. Over the next 20 years, these four ‘ecosystem engineers’ will restore biodiversity to a previously commercial pine forest. Their grazing and felling of trees will enable other species to thrive.

    A wild idea. And one we are so proud to have supported.

    As long-term partners, we will continue to support and create UK wilding projects to create positive, real, change. 

    When we act locally, we can impact globally.

    There will be a whole lot more to come!



    Kent Wildlife Trust Registered Charity Number: 239992

    Photography: Donovan Wright