Harvest '22: An Unbelievably Good Year

Our 2022 harvest is almost complete and the grapes coming into the winery are looking world class.

This year was the hottest summer on record since 1884, so 2022 English vintages could well surpass the globally renowned wines from 2016 and 2018.

Our Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Bacchus are all hitting the sweet spot. Sugars and TA (acids) are all within the ideal window for our dry, fresh, aromatic style of wine. Ideal conditions for complex, balanced wines full of character.

All our grapes are handpicked to ensure as few are damaged before pressing, and the pressing juice itself is stirring serious excitement in the team.

Head of Production, Phil, said, “I feel a mix of excitement and relief once a harvest is underway. It’s the culmination of a whole year of working closely with growers and watching our grapes mature. It’s a moment to take stock and celebrate the fruits of our labour. The pressings and newly fermented wines I’ve tasted so far are absolutely delicious.”

The entire growing season was warm and that continued through veraison (ripening) meaning the grapes were at peak ripeness earlier than usual.

The low rainfall has also meant that it’s been a very low intervention year, with little risk of disease pressure. Grapes were whistle clean coming into the winery.

You can’t make good wine from bad grapes, so the cleanliness of the fruit coupled with the ripeness is a joy to work with!

There is a very long way to go yet, with winemaking only just underway. But come springtime, we hope to have some new, very exciting things to share with you.

We'll keep you up to date, every step of the way.