Now at High Life Café

Unfasten your tastebuds. Our Rosé has launched on BA’s in-flight trolley! You can now find Eleanor, our Bubbly Rosé, taking to the skies on all short-haul flights. A little can so delicious it will upgrade your journey to First Class without changing seats. If you’re already in First Class, well…. well done you.

We’re even on the front cover of the menu! To say we’re fizzing with excitement would be an understatement. Please, please help us let others know we’re there. We’ll try make it worth your while…
If you find yourself aboard BA sipping an Uncommon, take a pic and post to Instagram, tagging @wearetheuncommon. Anyone doing that will be included in a prize draw on September 1st and in for a chance to win a case of 16 bubbly wines.

N.B. If you’re Instagramming your new mile-high must-sip, do refrain from using flash photography, so as not to startle other passengers. However, please do let them all know how tasty it is, nod enthusiastically and say “mmmmmm” a lot. That would be fab. 
The Uncommon can now be ordered from the HIGH LIFE CAFÉ on all British Airways’ European short-haul flights. We look forward to seeing you on cloud wine.