A harvest of grape expectations

The grapes are all in. Every last one of them. 

Today, we raise a can, to our largest ever harvest! Let’s be honest, it’ll be a few cans. This time of year is a huge moment for us and a culmination of a massive collective effort. A truly jeroboam sized effort.

(Side note: If anyone knows where to source jeroboam sized cans, let us know. We’re in the market.)

Our first wine in 2018 was made with just 5 tonnes of Bacchus grapes.

Now, we grow and handpick some of the finest grapes in the country and this year we’ll press 400 tonnes of them. That’s as heavy as 660 European bison! 

Bacchus, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes

Phil, our Head of Wine, gave the following statement in the post-pick analysis:

“It’s an unbelievable yield. 2022 flower initiation set the potential, so the lack of Spring frost, a warm flowering and plenty of soil moisture this year, has culminated in a bumper crop. The final Pinot grapes are in and we’re particularly excited about their quality.”

At such a colossal moment in our calendar, we wanted to say the biggest thanks to you all! To those who handpicked us up in the likes of Waitrose, M&S, British Airways, and all the farm shops across the land. Without you it simply would not be possible. 

We are unbelievably grateful. What is even more unbelievable, is that we're now the 5th largest English wine producer in the country.