Find Baubles, Win Bubbles

Our new Chief Fulfilment Officer got over-excited for Christmas. He’s gone and packed baubles instead of bubbles in 5 of our online giftpacks!


If you order an 8 pack of wine or spritzers from our online store and receive baubles instead of bubbles, we will apologise sincerely with A YEAR’S SUPPLY OF BUBBLY WINE OR SPRITZERS!


Please, please do not consume any Christmas decorations you may accidentally receive!


We really are EVER so sorry. 


Just to recap, if you find baubles, please, please do not drink them. Please, please do contact us at to organise your year's supply of wine. 


Remember: Drink bubbles not baubles



T&C’s apply: UK only. Ages 18 and over. Buy an 8-pack of wines and/or spritzers through our webshop. Find baubles in a box you receive to win 1 of 5 x 1 year’s supply of The Uncommon Bubbly Wines to share (1 x 12 pack of The Uncommon Bubbly Wines or Spritzers per month for one year). Claim prize by 31/01/22. Max 1 entry/prize per household. Message with proof of purchase and receipt of baubles. Available at