I appreciate good design. I am impatient, which is a bad trait. I love tea. No I really love tea. I’m a good judge of character. I wish I could sing. I eat too fast.

I love animals. I think we have made the world too complicated. I like a good story but don’t like reading. I wish I spoke French. I’m restless.

I dislike ignorance and intolerance. I find chopping vegetables therapeutic. People come to me with their problems. I’d love to be enlightened but I’m not sure what that means. I like to prove people wrong. I am fascinated by geography. I believe most people are good. I can play most sports well. I’m not very open but working on it. I love to travel. I have never been to Italy. I admire passion but have no time for nonsense.


I am sensitive. I love football but I benched Arsenal FC for my wife Dafi. She’s from Kosovo. I’m a good listener except when I’m tired. I’m an uncle to triplets and hope to have my own kids soon. I admire good craftsmanship. I can’t stand mushrooms, it’s the texture. I wish I made more time to play sport.

I like documentaries. I’m a positive person. I love seafood but i’ve never tried oysters. I respect punctuality. I wish people were more thoughtful. I can juggle. I love India and wish i could always eat curry for breakfast. One day i will learn the piano. I’m clumsy. I don’t get fazed easily. I’m a hard worker and dislike laziness.